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How good are T3 hair straighteners?

I'm thinking about buying a pair of T3 hair straighteners instead of GHDs as I've heard they're better as well as being a similar price. However, there aren't many reviews around as they're quite new. Can anyone help?

How good are T3 hair straighteners?

I use a T3 everyday at work, they are not cheap not like someone else said here,

I love mine, I have 3 of em 2 are for work and the one is for my personal use.

They use tourmaline, instead of ceramic, tourmaline is way more expensive then ceramic.

Ceramic is so yesterday !

Go for the T3, you'll love it !!!

How good are T3 hair straighteners?

Chi is the best hair straightner on the market. It is about 120 $ but its well worth it. You can buy it at Target or Sallys beauty supply.

How good are T3 hair straighteners?

try not to get very cheap hair straighteners because they might just break rather get a bit more expensive hair straighteners as they will last longer. Ask the shop assistants what is a better option or ask your hair dresser.

How good are T3 hair straighteners?


I found a review for you. Here :

Author's product rating:

Value for Money Excellent

Advantages: Quick to use, glossy results, salon style at home

Disadvantages: Expensive

Recommend to potential buyers: yes

Full review


My hair has had a bad hair year. I had a pair of straighteners that worked (Remingtons) which mysteriously disappeared a year ago.

Since then the mop has gone from bad to worse. I have very thick hair, which is fabulous when done properly but with a two year old, an eight year old, and a business based at home, I have very little time for beautifying myself.

I did buy some straighteners at Christmas (Revlon) but they were useless. They had no impact whatsoever on the mop - they couldn't cope with thick hair at all - they went straight back in the box.

I first saw the T3 Wet to Dry straighteners on the internet before Christmas. They looked fantastic - they have the build quality you would expecct from a hideously expensive appliance, and are a sleek grey, with amber coloured plates.

It is the plates that make all the difference. They are coated in crushed tourmaline (the semi-precious stone) which gives a far superior finish than the average straightener.

The tourmaline is supposed to emit negative ions when heated - but what does this mean for your hair?

The most important thing for addicted straightener users is that it is far less damaging to the hair than the usual ceramic plates you see in straighteners.

The T3 straighteners gently heat the hair cuticlewith infrared heat, and the steam produced locks in moisture, leaving the hair shiny and soft.

This is not just good advertising copy - as you can imagine after a year of looking like Worsel Gummidge I whipped those beauties straight out of the box.

I found that there is a very handy heat proof bag that you can keep your straighteners in, with a large flap which doubles a a heatproof mat to rest the straighteners on while in use - from the feel of it it is made of Teflon (like a soft and silky blanket that is very heat resistant).

The cord is attached by a swivelling device, which meant that they were very easy to use, and I wasn't having to flick the cord around to untangle it.

I washed my hair, and towel dryed it before getting the straighteners plugged in (well away from the bathroom - they are still electrical even though they are designed for wet hair.)

After a quick comb through, I braced myself for a hideous disappointment - it never came.

They were very easy to use, making a slight crackling or fizzy noise as the water from my hair evaporated, leaving glossy, smooth and silky hair behind.

It took me about 15 minutes to completely finish my hair, and I was amazed at how good it looked.

I now have hair like a movie star!

I would definitely recommend these to anyone - but particularly to those with thick hair, or those with lots of it (I score on both these counts).

I have gone so far as to invite my best girl friend round for a straightening party which says as much about my current social life as it does about the great results I got with the T3 Wet to Dry straighteners. I can tell you now I may have to defend those straighteners with my life when she gets her hands on them - she has similarly thick hair and lots of it.

I paid 鎷?9.99 for these on Ebay, with 鎷?.95 postage for Special Delivery - the seller is katoey. They were very professional, delivered the next day and have an excellent feedback record (I checked first as it is a very high value item for me to buy on Ebay).

I have spent the months since Christmas trying to find the best deal to get these, and am confident that I did just that.

if you compare the amount I paid for these to a few haircuts, they don't seem too bad in price - in fact I would say they were great value as my 鎷?5 straighteners bought in December didn't even straighten my hair!!

I hoped this helped you....... If your looking for other peoples opinions on thios straitener before you purchase, i got you the link to check them out.

Good Luck. x

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