Friday, November 13, 2009

Which hair straighteners would you recommend? :D?

I've been using vidal sasson and conair straightners (yes I'm cheap ;p) and quite honestly they fry the heck out of my hair. I've heard a lot of great things about CHI straighteners, but I definitely can't afford one at the moment and I wouldn't want my mom to pay for it. So now I'm looking for a straightner in the $20-40 price range. (hopefully no one will say conair or vidal sasson, as those definitely don't work too well for me)

Thanks for any advice and tips, I appreciate it!

Which hair straighteners would you recommend? :D?

Well, I have this straightener by Remington, it works well in many ways. You can straighten your hair when it's wet, and it works well. Every girl wants a CHI straightener, but substitute it with the Remington Wet to Dry, it is awesome!

Which hair straighteners would you recommend? :D?

i have a BELSONPRO and it does a pretty good job. you should use it with one of those straighting products for hair. it helps protect your hair from the heat and it shouldn't cot more than $4. just go to hair store ask about it and choose from the best one. try not to use the straighters in your hair everyday. try wrap your hair also and it will help, so you would not have to apply to much heat over and over again

Which hair straighteners would you recommend? :D?


I would surely recommend a G H D hair straightener!!! THEY R REALLY GOOD! even with thick hair you only have to run through it like 1 and a half times! its so quick, so easy! plus if u r a bust person its stays straight (unless u wash it) for up to 4 days! :D seriously its really really excellent! xD i would also recommend G H D hair products for an even better result! You can get many different kinds of G H D straighteners like "baby" ones cost up to about $145 and the kind that some hairdressers use is about $300 dollars. I KNOW THAT THIS ISNT SURELY NOT IN YOUR PRICE RANGE, but, u wont find one in that price range thats quite good so i would buy a cheap one than go for a G H D when u can afford it :) Hope i gave u some tips.

P.S U can buy the G H D products by themselves so maybe just a product would help for the time been. xD hope i helped

Which hair straighteners would you recommend? :D?

remington wet2straight

Which hair straighteners would you recommend? :D?

remington wet to straight

but you should NEVER straighten wet hair...

but this straightener works really well

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