Monday, November 16, 2009

Need help finding a straightener!!? my sister was at a mall in Indianapolis one day and she came across one of those booths in the middle of the mall that was selling hair straighteners. They pulled her aside and tried the straightener on her hair, and to make a long story short, she bought the straightener on sale for $100. Well i've been borrowing it ever since then which was about a year ago and i LOVE IT! It's called "Royale" I've looked everywhere for this straightener..and all i've found were really cheap ones that look exactly like it, but they have a different that what all those mall companies do? do they make one straightener and then use another name on that same product? because i'd really like to find the Royale Straightener!!! I'll post a picture for you guys also....

Royale Straightener:

Please help me find this straightener!! [:

Need help finding a straightener!!?

prunkibabe619 answered a question someone else had with info on a Royale hair straightener. You should see if she knows where you can get one. Everyone online seems to just say you can get it at malls, so if you can't find it there I dunno.

Need help finding a straightener!!?

I just bought one tonight - at the Circle Center mall in Indianapolis. Report It

Need help finding a straightener!!? %26lt;~ You can buy their products there! I bought my royale hair straightener at the Greenwood Mall (in the middle isle near Wet Seal) for $159. If they tell you to post date a check~ DON'T do it! I did and they lied to me!!!! Now I'm paying for it!!!! Report It

Need help finding a straightener!!?

I use a straightner called Welmington Wet2Straight! It is such a good straightner! i would recommend getting that one! Its only like $20-$40. depending on where you get it!

Need help finding a straightener!!?

i would just type the name of the straightner in the google search engine, or try yahoo shopping. I never heard of that straightner before, i bought a $100 ceramic called Coriolis from those booths at the mall and it didnt even straighten my hair. Its good that you found a straightner you like, for me i prefer the Hot Tools basic which is $30. I really hope you find it soon. Good luck.

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