Friday, November 13, 2009

Universal Hair Straighteners??

Does anyone know whether you can buy hair straighteners in the UK that can be used in Canada? I have heard some have a Universal Plug??

Universal Hair Straighteners??

Your best bet is just to buy straighteners once you get to can buy them everywhere. Main reason is that the Canadian weather is very different from British weather so will do different things to your hair. I bought some straighteners when I moved out to Canada and they worked really well and I loved them, but I used them once when I was back in England and they didn't work well at all! It's a difference in humidity that has different affects on your hair.

A decent pair of straighteners in Canada costs you around $40 (only 20 a lot cheaper than here!!!) so you might as well buy them there...

I have GHDs in England, and they are brilliant, so I was dubious at first about buying a brand that weren't GHD, but they worked really well. But, if you do want GHD's still, most can be set at either 110v (canadian) or 240 (british) and if you take off the plug cover come with 2pins (canadian) or 3pins (british) so you can use them in the UK or Canada. But, some of the older ones aren't like this!!

**Note** In Canada, some of the plugs have 3pins (two flat, one round) so you need to find out what type your house has...

Universal Hair Straighteners??

you heard wrong.

any electrical appliance sold in the uk has to have a uk plug fitted.

Canada has (i bleieve) a 120 volt supply, we have 230 they will not get hot. however you be able to find some that have a "voltage switch" to change the input voltage, you will also need an adaptor to be able to plug it in.

if you are going there for some time buy a pair when you are there, then leave them with some one as a present

Universal Hair Straighteners??

GHDs have a 2 pin and a 3 pin plug, you just pull the 2 pin one out of the 3 pin plug.

Universal Hair Straighteners??

They can be used in Canada, but you will need an adapter. You can find them at a radioshack type store, or online. I don't think they usually come with a universal plug, you will probably have to buy one.

Universal Hair Straighteners??

the ghds!

only the new ones (iv)

there plug adapts the voltage :)

its amazing :)

the can also be removed so its a 2 pin for places like spain etc!

the ghds have no end to the greatness :)


Universal Hair Straighteners??

I know there are some travel stores in Winnipeg that have universal plugs for things like that here is one of the stores in Winnipeg (Journeys Travel)

Universal Hair Straighteners??

My GHD mk4s have universal voltage, I'm not sure about taking one of the pins out like someone else said, but get an adapter

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