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What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

My hair is curly. It's thick. It's wavy. It's outrageous. I'm white, but have often been asked if I'm mixed with something because of my hair. It's a little past my shoulders and when ever I straighten it, it's "straight" but thick. And then it poofs up the instant I meet humidity. Living in FL, well, it's bound to happen. I've heard of the chi and some others but want to know from people with hair like mine what works best. I know these things are expensive, so I want to make sure I invest in the best. Thanks so much :]]

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

Wow, I have the same problem!! Lol... When people meet me, the first thing they ask is "Is that hair fake, or is one of your parents half black??". I swear, every time i leave the house a swarm of little old people come up to me and start touching my head "Oohh honey your hair is so pretty! Were did you get it done??" lol. It drives me crazy!! I hate my hair!!



I've found that it doesn't exactly matter what BRAND of straightener you use, just that it has these features:

1. A WIDE ceramic plate [over 2.5 inces] for the speed.

2. A temperature that reaches at least, if not over 450 degrees.

3. A button that releases a bit of water, or prefferrably conditioner onto the hair while you straighten to keep it from drying out.

4. Removable/Switchable plates that allow you to create waves.

Ok... While I'm here, I mighnt as well give you a bit of advice to minimize the poof.

Pick up some of these AMAZING products... (the ones i have best luck with... here:

I love the smooth down series... Everything in it works wonders!

I swear, Redken is the only thing I use.

[no, i'm not working for redken... they just rock]

2. The night before you straighen your hair, soak and comb your hair about an hour before you go to sleep. Immediately before you go to bed, Comb your hair again Pull your hair into a tight bun on the top of your head, or Braid it... ( but pull hard!). Try both and see which one works better. But, for both, pull it so tight that you cant see much curl on the top of of your head. Put in some whatever styling product you use then- make sure it's reached every part of your head... all the way through the hair, not just on the top layer. Also part your hair however you want it the next day.

This will make your hair less curly when you wake up, and easier to straighten.

3.Don't wash your hair that morning... Just straighten your hair.... but make sure it's not TOO straight... ( I always do waves with curlers because Long hair that frizzes easily will look ugly and ignored at the tips)

4. Spray this stuff on after your'e done...

And if you decide to keep it curly.... this rocks:

Good luck... And i feel your hair related pain!

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

people say chi but i know a better one its a babyliss pro

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

Idon't have curly hair, but a straigtener that really works is CHi brand. You can buy it at Ulta or a local beauty or hair salon. Be sure to buy after or before straightening cream. It might help!!

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?


What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

the wet to staright starightner

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

Get a CHI! Those things are awesome, I have really thick wavy hair and my CHI gets it board straight and it lays down (no flyaways) and it dosent grow in the humidity!

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

i went to a class for hair straighting and i did see the ionic straiting done .

It was amazing !! the person having it done had very kinky curl but when it was done it was smooth and silkier!!

I can't say were you will find a salon in FL. w/someone who does this but look around it is well worth it .Just remember this is permanent , it has to grow out !!

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

i also use a chi, and i'm happy with it, but i'd say the straightener is only part of the problem. next time you get your hair cut, i'd ask your stylist to thin it out some to make it less "poofy" and more manageable. there's also a chemical treatment you can get that permanently (well, for six months or so), chemically straightens your hair. it isn't good for your hair, nor is it cheap, but it works.

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

go to the salon and ask them to make a permanent straightened for you, ( it is some thing like perm, but straight hair instead of curl them )

What is the best straightener for unruly hair?

Chi works wonders!

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