Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chemical Hair straighteners??

I have wavy(some culs) semi frizzy hair. Ive been straightening my hair for over a year, every single morning when i get up. I hate doing it and it puts me in a bad mood, the only reason i do it is because my hair looks really bad when its wavy. I am a boy and i have semi short hair. Its probably around this length, I was wondering how well chemical straighteners really work. I dont want to know how they look at best at a 500$ Hollywood hair salon, but how they work on average at your average hair salon. I dont care if i have to use special conditioners or shampoo(as long as its not too crazy expensive).

I would also like to know how much it costs, and if it will take out color in dyed hair.

Chemical Hair straighteners??

They don't cost that much from your local pharmacy. But becareful, you might burn your hair!

Chemical Hair straighteners??

I got some random cheap brand and it was fine for the first wash.... but after the second my hair was just as wavy as ever. So be a little choosy....maybe you'll have better luck than i did.

Chemical Hair straighteners??

Okay do not do this on your own! Don't go to just your typical Clippers Cuts to get this done. This is your hair.. probably the first thing people notice on a women's head. It will be worth every penny if you invest on yourself. You spend so much time on it as it is. Treat yourself. But note that your roots will grow in and you will have to get your roots chemically straighten to match the rest of your hair. Go shopping around for a salon the has a reasonable price.

Also no it does not take out the dye in your hair.

Chemical Hair straighteners??

i get the japanese silk straightening done every 6 months. I too am also caucasian but with that wild tight sprial curls that i got from my father. This process is awesome, while slightly expensive. However, I found that if I go to the local beauty school it can be done much cheaper...$100 vs $500...but it takes a little longer to do.

Make sure when you make your appointment that you ask for a student with some experience in this process...usually a Senior Student. The school should have an experienced beautician overseeing the students so if you have any questions or concerns about what they are doing ask the person.

Like a perm dont wash your hair for 72 hours afterwards, use hair care products for relaxed or straight hair (Herbal Essence bottle) and use conditioner.

To answer your other question....yes the chemical process does lighten your hair color.

Otherwise dude you will have to take care of it like my dad cut it military style with a high and tight .

Chemical Hair straighteners??

Japanese Hair Straightening.

Chemical Hair Straightening

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