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Hair straighteners advice?

I have very think, naturally curly hair and would like to see what it would be like straight. What are the best straighteners to use ?? I don't want to spend a fortune incase I don't like my hair straight

Hair straighteners advice?

Go on ebay, they are called GHS they are very similar to GHD's (which are the best ever) and work just as well. The reason I know this is because I did have GHD's and they broke and I could'nt afford a new pair. Apparently the GHS hair straighteners are made in the same place as the GHD's - they look the exact same. Good Luck


Hair straighteners advice?

the best straight iron is a chi straight iron....its about $120 but if it can get my curly hair straight it can get anything straight!!!

Hair straighteners advice?

Try this website -

Hair straighteners advice?

the best thing u could do is go to sunsilk gang of girls .com

and put ur photo there %26amp;try out as many hairstyles u like

think before u leap

Hair straighteners advice?

Well, why don't you get it straighten at a beauty salon first. See if you like it, and then go from there. Make sure you get one with ceramic plates because they conduct heat the best without frying your hair.

Hair straighteners advice?

im the same i have full on thick curls! i think the ghd styler works best, especially if you use the straightening syrum before hand! but be warned, you will be spending at least an hour on your hair, cruls are NOT easy to straighten!! i know from experience, mine takes an hour abd a half to do!! hair dressers will also do it for you, go in for a hair cut and come out with beautifully straight hair!! have fun!!

Hair straighteners advice?

id say try it out at the hairdressers first then so u dont end up investing loads. my personal faves are the good old ghd - ud prob need to go for a larger iron plate too if its very thick.

Hair straighteners advice?

I've found most brands of ceramic straighteners to be of the same quality, don't spend more than 鎷?0.

Hair straighteners advice?

I use a GHD as it was the first ceramic plate straightener to come out. Maybe a bit pricey though at around $300.00 .

Find a ceramic plate straightener with narrowish plates (then you can do flicks and curls as well). You can get the Stefans ones (which are pretty much exactly the same as the GHDs, only about half the price) for around $120-$150.

But there are many other cheaper ceramics around now, at places like priceline, target, kmart etc

Hair straighteners advice?

I use Babyliss Pro 230. They are just as good as GHD's at a fraction of the cost. Argos 鎷?9.99. GHD's are around 鎷?20.00

Hair straighteners advice?

Don't straighten your hair. Learn how to work with your natural curls and make them look beautiful. Check out

Go to curlmunity then curl talk to learn how to deal with your curls. Check out the different boards.

If you still want to straighten there's a board with advice about that also. it's called "Straightening/Relaxing".

Good Luck.

Hair straighteners advice?

Have your hair straightened first by a friend or hairdresser and see if you like it if you do purchase GHD good hair day

straightners pricey but good

Hair straighteners advice?

if you just want to experiment i would just go and buy a cheap one from boots or superdrug somewhere like that then if you like your hair straight the best straighteners are definatly ghd!

good luck x

Hair straighteners advice?

CHI - Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is the #1 selling Iron in the

Professional Beauty Industry today. This iron will curl, bend,

flip, spiral and even straighten hair.

Chi 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

From Chi

Price: $91.99


CHI GF1539 Turbo Big 2 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair

Straightener From CHI

Features: - Variable Temperature up to 356 Degree F

- On/Off switch on the Inside to Prevent Accidental

Turn Off - Swivel Cord to Keep from Tangling while Using

Price: $110 to 135

Hair straighteners advice?


Hair straighteners advice?

The GHS ones really are as good as the GHD ones so save ya money and get the GHS ones

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