Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

I have fairly thick, wavy hair and I straighten it most days. The straighteners I have at the moment are good considering how much I paid for them, but they take a long time to heat up, and at least an hour to get my hair just how I want it. They also damage my hair and the straightness only lasts an hour or so. I don't have huge sums of money to spend, but I need a decent pair of straighteners. Any suggestions?

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

you can get decent ones at Sally Beauty Supply (if your in the U.S) You can get decent ones for about $25.

You may want to also use hair care items that help straighten your hair- like Flat out from KMS .That way you can got longer between straightening times.

Sometimes Trade Secret has items on clearance that might be in your price range.

If you want to spend the cash (And it's worth it!) I'd try Keihl's creme with silk groom - usually available at department stores. It really helps against damage and you don't need a lot of it.

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

i had this big conair straightner and it never worked

so i started using this

wigo one

it totally is the best

heats up in 30 secons

but conair one is okay 2

just buy those thin ones

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

it is kindof pricey but SO worth it! the chi. it lasts for a long time, and it takes like 6 minutes to heat up no joke! lol it isnt not as harsh on your hair. just make sure to clean it if you do get one. lol they are so great!

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

The CHI it heats up in 30 seconds and it is a ceramic straightner so it doesn't damge it. It straightens my hair so fast and it can also curl your hair! I love it the only thing is it is kinda expensive $150

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

I have had soo many straighteners and out of all of them i like the CHI the takes less than a minute to full heat up...everyone i know that has one likes it the best

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

Chi or corioliss are pretty god. they are both kinda expensive though. But I have had my chi for 3 years! It heats up in about 1 minute doesnt damage your hair, and the straightness lasts all day and sometimes even 2 days.

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

I have thick and curly hair too and what I've found that really works is a ceramic iron. I've found that it seems to moisten the hair as it is straightening it...seriously! Now, the salon would recommend a ceramic iron that is named brand which is probably better quality as well as more expensive, but I've found that conair's ceramic iron works well for me. It doesn't take long to hear nor does it take long to straighten the hair...I hope this helps for you.

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

I would recommend the Conair Infiniti or the CHI. They both do about the same thing, but the Conair Infiniti is $50 and the CHI is $150. I prefer the CHI, but the Conair Infiniti gets the job done too. Also, i would recommend a product called CHI Silk Infusion. It protects your hair from heat damage and makes it very soft and silky after straightening. It also keeps your hair straight until you wash it, no matter how humid it is, or how much you sweat or something. This is how you use it:

After washing your hair, towel-dry it the add a dime-sized amount of the CHI Silk Infusion. Then blow dry your hair and then straighten it. Its that easy and your hair comes out looking really good. It have thick frizzy African-American hair and this method makes my hair straight, silky, and soft and gives it tons of bounciness.

Which hair straighteners should I buy?

Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron

From CHI

Price: $82.50

12 new or used available from $82.50

Product Description

Chi Original 1" Farouk CHI Ceramic Flat Iron Model GF-1001 The CHI can be considered

one of the most versatile Hairstyling Irons on the market today. The CHI's ergonomic

design allows the user to flip hair up or curl it under with a twist of the wrist.

The CHI is ideal for straightening and smoothing the hair while the ceramic plates seal

in natural moisture. It's great to use prior to a Dry Haircut. The ceramic coated paddles

help prevent scorching hair color and helps reduce styling product build-up. Featuring an

extra long swivel cord to prevent tangling, the CHI has a concealed on-off switch inside

the handle to prevent accidentally turning the unit off when in use. The heat paddles are

recessed from the edges to prevent skin burns. Will automatically heat up in less than 10

seconds. Temperature is preset at 150-180 degrees Celsius(302-356 degrees Fahrenheit)


CHI GF1539 Turbo Big 2 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron Hair

Straightener From CHI

Features: - Variable Temperature up to 356 Degree F

- On/Off switch on the Inside to Prevent Accidental

Turn Off - Swivel Cord to Keep from Tangling while Using

Price: $110 to 135

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