Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hair straighteners in canada???

i'm going to vancouver next week and want to take my hair straighteners. I bought a pair out there once and brought them back to the UK to use with an adapter plug and they blew up!! SO i dont want this happening if i take my pair from the uk to canada because they cost me alot of money. Can i just use a simple adapter plug while i'm there or do i have to use one of those voltage converter things?? (my friend in canada bought some in italy and uses them in vancouver with just an adapter plug... dont know if that is of any help??) thanks!!

Hair straighteners in canada???

I'd suggest that your straightners blew up because the adaptor didnt have a surge protector but i could be wrong. I think it will be alright with a normal adaptor.

Hair straighteners in canada???

idk, but i live in vancouver! ur gonna love it here its great!

hope u answer ur question

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